Wolves introduce new striker to first team to compete with Raul Jimenez

Having seen their season derailed from the moment Raul Jimenez fractured his skull, Wolverhampton Wanderers have been searching for an alternative. The young striker signed in the summer, Fabio Silva, has been deemed too young and too ‘green’ a player to contribute week-in, week-out just yet. One for the future, the club needed an experienced striker with the physicality to handle the English game. And in Real Sociedad striker Willian Jose, they might just have signed the perfect striker for the club.

The 29-year-old arrives after a frustrating time in San Sebastian, falling out of favour with the club after looking to move on to Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2020. He stayed put, though, starting nine of the twenty league games and scoring four goals in that time. However, as a striker with a solid enough strike rate, many might worry that he lacks the prolific nature that Wolves need. People used to say that about Jimenez, too.

With the aggressive and physical attributes to play up-top, though, Jose offers something a little different. He can play the same kind of role for Wolves as Jimenez does, giving them a like-for-like replacement until their legendary Mexican forward is back up and running once again. The horrific nature of his injury means that playing again this year would be an achievement. With Wolves struggling for chances as much as goals, though, Jose offers the chance for the club to get back to a more front-foot style of football.

For while he lacks a solid goal return in many aspects, he brings far more to the table than simply being a battering ram to play off from. For that reason, Wolves have every right to be excited about Willian Jose’s arrival.

Can Willian Jose get Wolves fighting for Europe once again?

As one of the most upwardly mobile clubs in the Midlands, much was expected of Wolves after two excellent seasons back in the top-flight. However, this year has seen the goals dry up – mainly through losing Jota and Jimenez – and the concession of goals has stayed the same somewhat. So, for Wolves, the aim will be to try and find some more firepower.

While Jose has only scored 15 goals in his best-ever season, he is a player who does far more than simply goal. An able worker and a fit physical presence, he can put pressure on backlines just as Jimenez did. At the same time, he can play with a consistency in front of goal that ensures he can keep growing as a player. He might not score, but laying in teammates and making the attack generally more difficult to mark are all very important attributes.

In a season where Wolves need a little bit more from their main talents, Jose might just offer the perfect place to start. It could be the catalyst to getting their attack back on track, which will go a long, long way to avoiding the fears of a lost season. 

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