Why information is so vital in the world of sports betting

Not every successful bettor will employ the exact same strategy when it comes to choosing and placing a wager. Just as in sport itself, there are various ways for different players or teams to be successful. However, if you were to survey 100 full-time sports bettors and dig deep into their methodologies and approaches, there are some things that each one would probably point to as significant.

Chief among those is the importance of information: the more of it you have at your disposal, the better informed your betting choices will be. That, of course, will not necessarily lead to a return every time you place a bet, but in the long run it will almost certainly bring you better results.

The way you gather information can also make a substantial difference. Whereas casual bettors may do this by simply reading event previews or the brief opinion of tipsters, those who are serious about sports betting will try and go directly to the source wherever possible.

The key is to try and access information before it is common knowledge, as once a fact is widely known it will lead to a change in the bookmakers’ odds. Seizing the relevant information before that happens allows bettors to get in before the market has adapted, which brings more favourable prices compared to those who enter the market at a later stage.

Beating the closing line is something that all bettors will seek to do. The closing line refers to the odds on offer just before the market closes, which is usually moments prior to the event taking place. To beat the closing line means to have placed your bet at superior odds to those that are offered at the final stage, and doing this consistently is a sign that a bettor is employing a successful strategy.

This is extremely important in the world of sports betting. Accessing useful information and beating the closing line will not always lead to a winning bet. In a small simple size, you could even lose more bets than you win even if you have beaten the closing line every time. However, an experienced bettor will always persist if their underlying methodology is sound, knowing that in the end they will almost certainly be rewarded with winning bets.

One of the best ways to receive information before anyone else is to have a contact who can provide inside information before it becomes public knowledge. This is not always possible, however, so do not fear if you do not have any such acquaintances – there are still methods you can employ to increase your chances of beating the closing line on a regular basis.

However, do not fall into the trap of simply blindly following tipsters, even those who are professional and have a track record of success. In the vast majority of cases, these tipsters are merely offering their own opinion – and although it may be qualified, that does not make it superior to information, which is a fact.

The nature of editorial content also means that betting-themed previews and tips are often released before a significant piece of information is known. In team sports such as rugby or football, we may only learn of a key player’s injury on the eve of the game, by which time most tipsters have made their public predictions.

Football managers tend to hold their pre-game press conferences the day before the game, and information emanating from them can have a huge effect on betting odds. Coaches will rarely reveal their tactics to the media, but they do often disclose information such as injury news or whether or not they plan to rest any first-team players. In one famous case a few years ago, Jose Mourinho read out his starting XI for a crunch match the day before it took place. It goes without saying that those who obtain this information immediately have a better chance of beating the closing line, because they can place their bet before most others and therefore take advantage of superior odds.

There are also several unofficial but reliable sources that can come to your aid. Indeed, you may not have your own contact on the inside, but some sports reporters do. If you are able to identify those who are able to obtain accurate inside information from a particular team or player, this can work to your advantage.

Bettors must be wary in these situations, though, and it is important to always seek the original source for a piece of information. This is particularly vital in the age of social media, where rumours – which often turn out to be false –can gather pace at lightning speed.

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