US Election Day sees many states go green on sports betting

For years, the concept of sports betting in America has been a deeply controversial one. Stay in one state, and you can more or less openly bet on any sport that is taking place. The pundits and experts sit and talk about their own bets as if it is the most normalised thing in the world. Head to another state, though, and you’ll be hit with a fine – or worse – if you don’t pay attention to their strict anti-gambling laws. However, with the 2020 US Election well and truly underway, we’re now in a position where more states are legalising the act of sports betting.

The polls have seen many changes, but one of the biggest changes at the poll booth for this election is the US take on gambling. Three new states – South Dakota, Louisiana, and Maryland – have all added legalisation of sports betting to be approved. This could mean that by the end of 2021 we could see over half of the US states having legalised spots betting. Given the passion and the love of sports (and, though many might deny it, sports betting) in the country, this should have happened a long time ago.

Given the cultural nature of the USA, though, where one state next door to one another can be like entirely different countries, this should come as no surprise. We are, though, beginning to see a pretty hefty shift towards the Americans seeing sports betting as something you can do outside of a few states.

A change in perspective for US sports betting?

With sport one of the main things to enjoy in American life – they are the masterminds behind four of the biggest sports in the world – it should come as no surprise that Americans like to have a flutter on their teams. Whether it’s betting on your own team or betting on a large spread bet, many US residents see the betting side of sports as going hand-in-hand with the actual action itself.

The American Gaming Association, as you might expect, has been overjoyed with the decision that has come out. The CEO of the AGA, Bill Miller, said: "As a result of successful ballot measures in six gaming states, more Americans will have access to much needed job opportunities, dedicated tax revenue, and safe, regulated entertainment options closer to home,"

This was an unexpected boon to come on an election that looks to have thrown just about every preconception to the side. Not only has the current US President, Donald Trump, picked up surprising surges in voting and in support in areas expected to be vehemently anti-Trump, the Democrats have picked up surprising vote shares in previously red states.

2020 has been a year of surprise, and it would appear that Americans have yet again led to another big shock with their pro-gambling outlook. Once seen as an event more or less consigned to the fringes of American legality, today we see a path to having over half of US states seeing sports betting as a fair, fun thing to do. 

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