Tuukka Rask retires from Boston Bruins

Sports, especially in the US, are filled with challenging moments for every player. The trading system means that players can be traded even when they are madly in love with their surroundings. At the same time, it can see players kicked out of the game entirely when a team decides to waive their contract or move on from them in a similarly unceremonious fashion.

With that being the case, it was nice to see a proper legend in a sports city get the chance to leave with some grace. Boston Bruins fans have grown used to watching Tuukka Rask for some time now, but the legendary Bruins man has decided to officially reitre from the team. At 34 years of age, he is not getting any younger and his NHL retirement comes as somewhat expected.

The player was linked with other teams, but his long-term association with the Bruins meant that wearing another uniform was highly unlikely. The rumours began to swirl that Rask was going to retire from the NHL after a short comeback attempt seemed to go wrong. Having gone through hip surgery to make an eventual return, Rask has decided that it was not going to be possible to return to the game.

Though he signed a contract with Boston – a one-year, $1m deal – Rask has walked away from the sport given his inury issues. He played in a 3-2 win against the Philadelphia Flyers but the season started to show its toll on the ageing veteran. After allowing five goals from just 12 shots against the Carolina Hurricanes, Rask has decided that now is the ideal time to walk away.

The end of an era in Boston

In an emotional statement that is sure to leave Bruins fans with wet eyes, Rask announced via his social media that he was retiring. In this statement, he said: "Today is a day that I hoped would never come,

"But now that it's here, I feel I owe it to everyone to hear it from me. When I made the decision to have surgery on my hip last summer, I did so knowing that the road to recovery would be challenging. I also knew it was something I would have to do if I wanted to give myself a chance to play my best hockey again.

On the injuries and the challenges of coming back, Rask said: The rehab, the workouts, the practices -- all of it was with the intention of getting back to where I needed to be to help my teammates win games and make another run at the Stanley Cup. Over these last few weeks, I've realized that my body is not responding the way it needs to for me to play at the level I expect of myself and that my teammates and Bruins fans deserve.

“Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from the game of hockey."

For the Bruins, then, a new era begins – one that felt like it was still so far even recently. 

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