NHL ready for summer reset at earliest

With many sporting leagues more or less cancelled or outright declared void, there is so much uncertainty about what comes next. This has caused major problems across the board, with many fans not really sure what comes next. The NHL is a league that has been especially impacted by the decisions being made. 

However, it looks like the NHL has no plans for a return to the ice anytime soon. Fans of the NHL might be saddened to hear this, but it’s the most likely outcome. Indeed, the mayor of Montreal, Valeria Plante, said via Twitter: “Montréal has cancelled all cultural and sporting events on its territory until July 2, in order to limit public gatherings. It is a difficult decision because Montreal is a known destination for world class events and festivals. And we will be there to support our partners.”

This means that the Montreal Canadians would be unable to play any games for at least three months. Should the season somehow return before that, it would mean either having to play elsewhere or not at all. Indeed, the talk is that the league might recommend moving the whole league to one particular location and playing everything in one venue, including the play-offs and the Stanley Cup Final.

This, though, seems to be causing a lot of friction. For now, like every other sport, there is a desire for clarity but a lack of any cohesive agreement about what should happen next. So, who knows when we’ll next get to see the sporting stars that we love so much playing again on ice? 

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