Mesut Ozil set for massive wage drop and move

Having done very little for Arsenal in the last seasons, former record signing Mesut Ozil has struggled massively to make an impact on a club he is the highest-paid player for. Despite having a remarkable first few years in England, a gradual but sustained slowdown in performance and in output has taken place over the last few years. This has led to Ozil being in a strange position in that he earns too much to leave, but he also produces too little of value on the pitch to get a game.

However, one move that has long lingered in the distance is a move to his boyhood club Fenerbahce. Despite being way out of the Canaries reach today, with the club chairman stating that it would be “impossible” to sign him on anything like this current wage, a move could take place if a mass wage cut was to happen.

For Ozil, the decision seems quite simple. If he wishes to play, he might need to drop his wages by at least half and move on. Another year or two at Arsenal without gametime could leave him in his early-to-mid 30s with a toxic record at the Gunners, making it hard to find an enjoyable next move.

For all parties, it would make sense for a move to happen this summer. Ozil has to play elsewhere, and Arsenal need to free-up his wage. Can Fenerbahce find the funds to do a deal, though? At the moment, they appear to be the only club willing to make concessions to bring the German in.

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