Jujhar Khaira knocked out in mid-match fisticuffs

The National Hockey League (NHL) has long been one of the best team sports in the world. Part of what makes it so spectacular, though, is the fact that players have no problem with trash talk. If someone gets too rude, they can rough it out on the floor and deal with person-to-person. And while today the NHL looks to limit such showdowns on the ice, it has become a major part of what makes the sport so appealing to so many. However, we have recently seen a pretty nasty mid-match fight that ended in some poor scenes.

Jujhar Khaira got into a scrap in the middle of the game and was knocked out after a pretty solid right-hand punch from his opponent. The Edmonton Oilers were taking on the Calgary Flames in an important match-up, and towards the end of the 1st period, there was a discussion between Khaira and Flames player Oliver Kylington. The duo squared up to one another, and Khaira used his shoulder to check Kylington in the head. This annoyed other players on the team, and Calgary forward Brett Ritchie chased after Khaira, and asked him to down gloves.

What happened next?

As the instigator in the madness, Khaira obliged and dropped his gloves to begin the fight. The “fight”, though, was over pretty fast; one outstanding right-hand haymaker from Kylington sent Khaira dashing to the floor and smashing into the ice. The 26-year-old looked momentarily knocked out, and his face looking over at the referee team afterwards was a picture; a face of pure dazzlement at what had just taken place.

Khaira was looked over by the medical staff quickly and did not come back out to the ice to play again. Safe to say, then, that Kylington won that particular round. After the game, Edmonton’s coach, Dave Tippett said that Khaira was going to be alright and that it was a day-to-day blow that would likely see him return to the ice in the near future.

This, though, wasn’t even the first violent punch we’ve seen recently in the NHL. Last week, Detroit Red Wings forward Adam Erne was knocked clean out on the ice after a stunning haymaker from his opponent. Despite being a part of the sport that the top brass want to try and move on from, fans simply cannot get enough of the head-to-head action.

And given the litany of diving that takes place all across other major sports, it is easy to see why most fans can get pretty disgruntled when they see fights broken up. Hockey is a tough, physical, challenging game; something that takes a huge amount of personal effort to do right.

That is why Kylington might not feel too bad about landing such an excessive hit on his opponent. This is part of the sport, and part of the reason why the sport sees so few people who don’t get what they were asking for when it comes to trash talk and unsporting comments.

Glad to hear that Khaira was OK; also glad to see that NHL still allows for a bit of fist-to-fist entertainment. 

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