Jake DeBrusk asks for trade to leave Boston Bruins

Playing in a major US sports city like Boston can be, for the most part, an amazing experience. The passionate fans of the likes of the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots are a major part of what makes Boston such a famous city. Whether the team is bleeding green or playing in black and gold as the Boston Bruins do, though, there is always a demand: play hard, and commit to winning.

For some athletes, though, the process of playing in such a high-intensity sports city can become overbearing.

Other players, though, simply find that they cannot find the minutes they need on their chosen sports arena. In the NHL, the Boston Bruins have long awaited Jake DeBrusk to become the quality option he was supposed to. A 27-goal haul three years ago had Bostonians hoping that the player would be able to become a major scoring option to support the stars of the team.

However, a meagre foul goals in 26 games in the COVID-impacted 2021 season left some fans worried that he would never make the grade at the level hoped for and expected.

That looks even more true now, though, as the player has asked to be traded from Boston to move on. The left winger has asked to move on having seen Taylor Hall absorb a large chunk of the available minutes on the left-wing slot.

The trade will mean that DeBrusk should have no issues in being given the trade he wants. His contract and the fact he is no longer an active part of the team means that finding an active taker for such a talent should not be an issue.

Three goals in 18 games so far in the season, and a non-injury scratch in the most recent game against Vancouver, was a blow for the player.

Will Boston look to give DeBrusk the trade he wants?

It sounds like it. Boston have been clear in the past that players who do not want to stick around can be moved on, and DeBrusk looks certain to be given his intended wish. While nothing is believed to be immediate, the likelihood is that he will move on sooner rather than later.

For Boston, there was a lot of effort made to help elevate the player from a second-string option to a key scoring solution. Since his excellent 27-goal season, though, there has been precious little to build on consistently. A fresh start in a less demanding franchise might be just what the player needs. For Boston, the arrival of Hall means that they can likely without the burst scoring of DeBrusk for the time being.

However, it is likely that they will look to find a similar squad option who can help to add to the rotation a little bit more. Reports of a summer trade request have not been denied, either, so this looks like it has been in the making for some time. A slow start to the season paired with being dropped from the last game, then, was probably the final issue that both sides had to see before making a definitive call. 

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