Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich ‘furious’ after European Super League defeat

As one of the most powerful people in English football, Roman Abramovich has a history of making his voice heard when it matters. Despite lacking a desire for a major media profile, the Russian has been clear in recent times that, when he thinks it matters, he will speak out. This was clearest when speaking about the racism issues facing English football, as he spoke with clarity and fairness on the issue.

However, the decision of Chelsea to jump into the ill-fated European Super League has, according to reports, left the owner absolutely furious. Within 48 hours, and a large protest to stop the team bus from reaching the stadium, the club had reneged on their desire to join the ESL. Now, it is believed that Abramovich is raging at the reputational damage that the move has caused.

It might even has consequences for others at the club. There is much talk that Bruce Buck, club chairman, could be forced to step down from his role at the Premier League. As the leagues head of their audit and remuneration committee, he might be made to leave. He will also likely face the wrath of the owner, who is believed to have put his faith in Buck to come up with a solution that would have been positive for all parties. His judgement has bene called into serious question now after the PR disaster of the ESL meltdown.

As such, we could see some of the most prominent people at Chelsea heading out the door as Abramovich looks to make clear his fury at the impact. Having worked hard to cultivate a good reputation with Chelsea fans over the years, this marks a major blow to that goodwill that Abramovich will not appreciate.

Thomas Tuchel thinks that a conversation with Callum Hudson-Odoi has finalised the young Chelsea star’s best position. 

What happens next?

Well, for one, it is believed that Premier League votes will be put in place to bring an end to any future Super League exit. New rules will be put into place to stop any kind of teams breaking away like this in the future. This could lead to a fair amount of change at the top of the league, too, as the ‘big six’ clubs find themselves fighting to save their reputation and their position as the ‘senior heads’ of the English top flight.

Chelsea, who have held major influence ever since the early 2000s, might find their voice no longer quite as loud and as respected. And given all that Abramovich has done to build a consensus with others, this might dent the chance for Chelsea and other teams to have a big say on the league again in the future.

With the other clubs furious at the nature of the ESL release, there could be lasting changes coming into English football. Given all that Abramovich has done over the years for the club, this latest PR blunder from those who he puts in charge might lead to a significant change in tact. 

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