UEFA considering ‘Final Four’ format from COVID bubble for UEFA Champions League

Having just endured one of the most confusing periods in living memory, UEFA have fought off the ‘Dirty Dozen’. As many of the biggest clubs in Europe melded together to form a European Super League, UEFA was blindsided. They were caught trying to find a solution for all of Europe whilst the top clubs wished for a solution for themselves. As such, there was talk that the UEFA Champions League would no longer exist. However, with much of Europe on their side, UEFA won out and instead things will stay the same. Or will they?

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Liverpool considering fan representation on club board amid European Super League fallout

Having been one of the most successful clubs of the last three years, you would assume that Liverpool owners FSG could walk on water. However, numerous mis-steps over the years have left many fans with a weary approach when it comes to club ownership. Part of this stems from their early decision to hire – and then unceremoniously sack – club legend Kenny Dalglish. Others remain bitter about the mistake with ticket pricing which led to a walkout. Other issues have existed in recent years which have driven some fans to turn against Fenway. However, the most recent issue was the European Super League.

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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich ‘furious’ after European Super League defeat

As one of the most powerful people in English football, Roman Abramovich has a history of making his voice heard when it matters. Despite lacking a desire for a major media profile, the Russian has been clear in recent times that, when he thinks it matters, he will speak out. This was clearest when speaking about the racism issues facing English football, as he spoke with clarity and fairness on the issue.

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Jujhar Khaira knocked out in mid-match fisticuffs

The National Hockey League (NHL) has long been one of the best team sports in the world. Part of what makes it so spectacular, though, is the fact that players have no problem with trash talk. If someone gets too rude, they can rough it out on the floor and deal with person-to-person. And while today the NHL looks to limit such showdowns on the ice, it has become a major part of what makes the sport so appealing to so many. However, we have recently seen a pretty nasty mid-match fight that ended in some poor scenes.

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Lionel Messi unlikely to join Paris Saint-Germain, FFP a factor

For years, there has been talking around the way that Paris Saint-Germain plays to the rules of European football. Under the UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, teams have to manage their spending accordingly. Thanks to the way that PSG is run, though, some believe they do some pretty spectacular work in dodging the regulations and working around them. However, it looks like those fears are often unfounded – if they weren’t, would they really allow FFP to get in the way of signing Lionel Messi?

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Wolves introduce new striker to first team to compete with Raul Jimenez

Having seen their season derailed from the moment Raul Jimenez fractured his skull, Wolverhampton Wanderers have been searching for an alternative. The young striker signed in the summer, Fabio Silva, has been deemed too young and too ‘green’ a player to contribute week-in, week-out just yet. One for the future, the club needed an experienced striker with the physicality to handle the English game. And in Real Sociedad striker Willian Jose, they might just have signed the perfect striker for the club.

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Real Madrid risked flying past the playoffs – but ended as the group stage winner. Madrid is qualifying for a playoff for 25th time in a row.

Real Madrid risked flying past the playoffs – but ended as the group stage winner. Madrid is qualifying for a playoff for 25th time in a row.

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US Election Day sees many states go green on sports betting

For years, the concept of sports betting in America has been a deeply controversial one. Stay in one state, and you can more or less openly bet on any sport that is taking place. The pundits and experts sit and talk about their own bets as if it is the most normalised thing in the world. Head to another state, though, and you’ll be hit with a fine – or worse – if you don’t pay attention to their strict anti-gambling laws. However, with the 2020 US Election well and truly underway, we’re now in a position where more states are legalising the act of sports betting.

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Gonzalo Higuain set for Juventus exit

As one of the most prolific strikers of the last decade, Gonzalo Higuain has become typecast by many as a poacher and a flat track bully. Deemed a player who wouldn’t do it on the big occasion, the Argentine has endured taunts from opposition fans as well as his own. However a clinical and proven goalscoring record in Spain and Italy proves that for many Higuain is a top striker.

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Gareth Bale intrigued by Tottenham Hotspur return

Having become a pariah at Real Madrid and increasingly out of the discussion of top players in the European game, it looks like Gareth Bale might be ready to return to England. The Welshman was a Tottenham Hotspur icon, and it looks like the most likely place for him to turn up would be at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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